Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 19/5/13

And so Spring has definitely kicked in… which would explain the poor turn out at training tonight… a  total of  17 triggers decided to put exercise and health over tans and beer bellies… don’t worry no one is judging… ok maybe just a little bit… Coach Lawrence was in charge today and the theme of the afternoon was… ‘SCRIMMAGE!’…

Coach Lawrence left the competitive group with a self directed swimming session whilst taking charge of the beginners and rec players and then it was 10 minute rounds of scrimmage.  A good way to work on your fitness… not necessarily the highest quality of  ‘champagne water polo’ as my London BGFF Gareth Johnson would call it but none the less the true winner was water polo!! :D…

Whilst sitting on the side lines Coach Lawrence yelled one time ‘LISTEN TO THE WHISTLE’… which only set myself, Carl and Rob off on 5 minutes of brainstorming lyrics to a cover of ‘Listen to Your Heart’ however making it water polo related… Our song went something like this…

‘Listen to the whistle
when its blowing for you–

Listen to the whistle
when you don’t know what to do

Its a 2m throw in
and you don’t kno-ow why
Listen to the whistle
Before… Coach Laaaw-aw-rence cries!’

Enough shenanigans! It was long weekend time!

Remember no training tomorrow but its all back on come Wednesday night!! 🙂

The final word must go to Coach Lawrence which was ‘Good thing Christi wasn’t here’


ATTENDANCE TIME! (they may be wrong :P)

Triggerfish May attendance
Greg 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
Jerry 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Nathan C 100.00%
Adam 83.33%
Brandon 83.33%
Carl 83.33%
Charles 83.33%
Lawrence 83.33%
Michael S 83.33%
Nathan D 83.33%
Rob 83.33%
Christie 66.67%
Craig 66.67%
Daniel G 66.67%
Dillon 66.67%
Jonathan 66.67%
Joshua 66.67%
Mo 66.67%
Raf 66.67%
Steven 66.67%
Bernhard 50.00%
Claire 50.00%
Graham 50.00%
Hassan 50.00%
James 50.00%
Mark 50.00%
Sean 50.00%
Tatum 50.00%
Graham C 33.33%
Tai 33.33%
George 16.67%
Hungarian Guy 16.67%
Rick 16.67%



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