Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 26/5/13

A sunny spring Sunday meant training for 1.5 hours for the Tronno Triggerfish… it was a slow start with several people turning up late… most likely due to either the weather being so lovely and beautiful, how could you not be outside??… Alex obviously thought this meant topping up his farmer’s tan and came sporting some very red re-freckled shoulders… others were reminiscing of a night of birthday celebrations (happy birthday Michael) whilst others turned up to training 60 minutes late… Yes, YOU! Greg Baker aka recently crowned Miss Verve 2013 aka Ms Bo Hemoth!!!  For those of you who are going ‘Miss Whatchumawho?’… Miss Verve is an amateur drag contest which anyone can attend or compete in… the only thing is that you MUST MUST MUST attend in drag even if its to watch and get drunk!  The name Miss Verve is taken from the condominium building were it is held… The Verve, pretty self explanatory.

I was in attendance last night, well, the House of the Rising Wangs were in attendance to challenge Ms Bo Hemoth for the crown.  At the moment the House of the Rising Wangs consists of




Our performance of ‘Nobody’ by K Pop girl band phenomenon the Wonder Girls was enough to get us into the Final 4, alas we did not get to Lip Sync for Our Lives in the final.  A very shy and flexible Ms Sakura Cox was up against Ms Bo Hemoth in the grand finale.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 21.20.25

Whilst they lip synced to Kylie Minogue’s ‘In Your Eyes’, the crowd was divided over who should take home the coveted crown and title .  A controversial decision was made, and the crown was awarded to Ms Bohemoth! ConDRAGulations!!!

A solid training session tonight as 19 competitive Triggers took to the water.  A partner and ball swimming warm up got us ready to work on power plays and shooting!… Plenty of work was done on different types of defense during the power play as well as working on a 3 drop when even… 20 minutes of scrimmage to put everything into practice and then it was time to hit the showers.

Tomorrow night is a closed session for teams heading to WOGA.

Plenty more water polo to come!

Attendance Time!!

*Greg, please note I have given you an checkmark ONLY because you won last night!… Tardiness of 60 minutes is UNACCEPTABLE :P*

Triggerfish May attendance
Greg 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Adam 87.50%
Carl 87.50%
Charles 87.50%
Jerry 87.50%
Nathan C 87.50%
Nathan D 87.50%
Rob 87.50%
Christie 75.00%
Craig 75.00%
Dillon 75.00%
Lawrence 75.00%
Michael S 75.00%
Mo 75.00%
Steven 75.00%
Brandon 62.50%
Graham 62.50%
Jonathan 62.50%
Joshua 62.50%
Raf 62.50%
Daniel G 50.00%
Tatum 50.00%
Bernhard 37.50%
Claire 37.50%
Graham C 37.50%
Hassan 37.50%
James 37.50%
Mark 37.50%
Sean 37.50%
George 25.00%
John H 25.00%
Tai 25.00%
Hungarian Guy 12.50%
Rick 12.50%

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