Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 6/5/13

Presented by Celebrity Guest Blogger Rob Cumming

Hey y’all! It’s me, Robert Donohue Cumming the 6th, filling in for Ming as his “tattoo heals”.  And by that I think we all know what’s really going on (liposuction). So let’s all send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery and that the back fat doesn’t come back any time soon!


But now on to much more serious matters, tonight’s training! It was a great turn-out tonight – 22 competitive players and…oh let’s say…20 rec Triggs lead by the Coach Kat descended on the pool and were ready for action!

To start it off Coach Christi lead us in 8x25m swim drills. As an aside, let me just throw this out there – I loved the 100m Water Polo IMs we did on Sunday. MORE OF THESE PLEASE! Nope, just me?


After the short but intense swim drills, we went right into passing and shooting. Tonight’s focus was on what I like to call the “High Body Spin n Snap”. I know I know, not the best name. But I’ve never claimed to be a copywriter. In any event, I loved working on this technique. It’s definitely a great addition to our repertoire of intimidating moves.

ON TO SCRIMMAGE. And anytime there’s none of this from the pool deck I consider scrimmage a success:


Player of the Game goes to none other than Craig for ever so gracefully incorporating the aforementioned “High Body Spin n Snap” into play, scoring an impressive goal and giving Coaches Christi and Lawrence something to celebrate. Go Craig!


With Montreal a couple weeks away and Antwerp just around corner after that, we all feel the excitement and intensity of the upcoming season. Thanks again to Coaches Christi, Lawrence and Kat for their continued stellar leadership of our motley crew of Triggerfish. I for one am so excited with all our progress and cannot wait to see it come together at tournament. Watch out Montreal and Antwerp, CUZ WE’RE COMING FOR YOU.

That’s it y’all. Robert Donohue Cumming the 6th, Triggerfish Blogger-At-Large is signing off for the night. So long and tata for now.  KISSES!



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