Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 9/6/13

Back to the water today for moi!! Kind of hard considering the weather outside and also how sh*tty it had been the last few days but none the less Montreal is calling in 2 weeks and Antwerp in 2 months!… That ‘liposuction’ which Rob wrote about seemed to work a treat

WaG- get a load of me


25 competitive triggerfish turned up today in dribs and drabs… could it be from a night of too much tequila courtesy of birthday celebrations in honour of Mr Jerry?… or perhaps asking for this too many times?



Either way well done on everyone for turning up, bet you all regretted it after the warm up!… Warm ups on Sunday’s seem to be very cardio based… after last Sunday’s 10x100s this week was similar… but if you’re struggling with the warm up it just means you need it more… RIIIIIIGGHT?? Coach Christi was in fine form as always commanding a series of lengths of water polo medley and ball skills! After the 8x100s she said ‘That’s all the swimming done, no more swimming’… somehow i felt like she was lying…

Into shooting drills focussing on wet shots and shots outside of 10m and then into 30 minutes of scrimmage… 10 minutes of post to post scrimmage… basically no stop time between goals you just keep swimming!… SEE… LIES!!! SWIMMING!!!…

With Toronto Pride around the corner it is evident people are being concerned about their bodies, wanting to put their best abs forward…  Just remember the easiest way to look skinny is to hang around people larger than you, so try and sneak in a few extra pieces of Nancy’s slices into your best friend’s hand next training

lil britain- eating

The Triggerfish are also getting new bathers for Antwerp!! OOoooOOOoOOooooO!! Remember boys don’t give it up so easily!

ATTENDANCE TIME FOR JUNE!! (sigh… alas my unblemished record… BLEMISHED)

Triggerfish June Attendance
Adam 100.00%
Charles 100.00%
Christie 100.00%
Claire 100.00%
Graham 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
James 100.00%
Lawrence 100.00%
Mo 100.00%
Paddy 100.00%
Raf 100.00%
Rob 100.00%
Steven 100.00%
Brandon 66.67%
Carl 66.67%
Craig 66.67%
Daniel B 66.67%
Daniel G 66.67%
Greg 66.67%
Jerry 66.67%
Jonathan 66.67%
Joshua 66.67%
Michael S 66.67%
Nathan D 66.67%
Tatum 66.67%
Bernhard 33.33%
Hassan 33.33%
Mark 33.33%
Ming 33.33%



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