Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 16/6/13

One week from now the Tronno Triggerfish will be descending on Montreal for their annual outdoor tournament. A weekend of polo and tanning, what more could you want… Oh and the odd bagel. It may have been the fact that it was Father’s Day but people were slow to appear on pool deck (percentages will fall). Even with guest appearance from Ryan Bazeley for hole training, only managed to bring out less than 20 competitive triggers. Ryan’s opening statement to his education session began with ‘I’m going to talk to you about holes’… Adam’s ears pricked up, I started naming to Clare all the different types of holes that I knew; man hole, pigeon hole, key hole, glory hole… I stopped there, Ryan was clarifying his intentions and began his 5 step program to ensure effective hole setting.

1) set up at 2m- the closer to the goal you are the more effective you are…

2) rest- save your energy until you’re involved… This also applies to sexual activities

3) get into position or at least get an advantage

4) work at 110%: simple enough

5) Ball+you+net= GOAL!!!!

If you’re checking hole just do the COMPLETE OPPOSITE!

and with that the group was split into 2 groups and it was off to learn some skills in the hole

One end of the pool was taken by Ryan whose take home message was pretty much ‘everything you’ve been taught about checking hole… FORGET IT!’ Act cool and look calm that’s the way to play! The other end of the pool was with Coach Christi which worked on shooting both arc and wet shots… Is it just me or does anyone else think of a ‘wet willy’ when we’re told we’re doing wet shots… By wet willy I mean the finger in ear kind, just for clarification

30 minutes of scrimmage to round off the night and that was 1.5 hours of training done.
Red team have a closed session tomorrow night, more opportunities to hone our skills.
Montreal is next week, land of bagels and actual HOT male strippers from what I gather… Tres looking forward to it… And the following week is PRIDE!!!…

I will be beginning my shredding cycle as of this week in preparation, my BGFF Gareth from London once told me of his chilli diet which he did before Cologne Gay Games involving eating a fresh HOT chilli before a meal and another directly after. This is meant to cause pain both before the meal so you don’t eat as much, as well as increasing your metabolism and I’m guessing burning on the way out. All in all its a Pavlovian pain behaviour pattern which you’re looking to learn… Food = Pain therefore do not eat so much food leading to hot summer/pride body, simple!!… Gareth claims he had never looked better IN HIS LIIIFE!! That and his beeeehind was never so raw… And that’s saying a lot 😛


Triggerfish June Attendance
Adam 100.00%
Christie 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
Lawrence 100.00%
Raf 100.00%
Steven 100.00%
Carl 80.00%
Charles 80.00%
Claire 80.00%
Daniel G 80.00%
Graham 80.00%
James 80.00%
Jerry 80.00%
Mo 80.00%
Rob 80.00%
Craig 60.00%
Daniel B 60.00%
Greg 60.00%
Jonathan 60.00%
Joshua 60.00%
Mark (Hungary) 60.00%
Michael S 60.00%
Ming 60.00%
Nathan D 60.00%
Paddy 60.00%
Tatum 60.00%
Bernhard 40.00%
Brandon 40.00%
Hassan 20.00%
Marc 20.00%





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