Tronno Triggerfish Pride Special Training Report 26/6/13

What a day it has been today… not only is it the eve of official Pride festivities which will kick off at the 519 tomorrow night with Jinkx Monsoon (season 5 winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race) Seattle’s self confessed premier narcoleptic drag queen…


It has also been a big day also for Australia who once again had a change back to good ol K Rudd as their Prime Minister… a bit of a circus really…





It was buzzing down on pool deck for a Hump Day training considering how nice the weather was outside and also with majority of the Triggers having played a whole weekend of water polo in Montreal.  Perhaps people were hoping to fine tune their Pride bodies.  Jake was back on deck after finishing 2nd in his age group in his annual triathalon and family portrait photo shoot on the weekend… it’s nice to see that some things are international, for instance when I went for my family portrait back in Australia in 2010 we were told to wear white and denim… and look what happened here…

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 23.13.37

Please take note Jake, that you failed your sister as a good gay older brother by letting her wear Birkenstocks and white socks TOGETHER… that is an international fashion crime… gurrrrrl it ain’t THAT cold! 😛 When we did our family photo Mrs Yao on the decided to wear red!… of course she would… she was like an accent wall in your house, but more like an accent person in our photos I guess…

Coach Christi was back on deck to put us through our paces, quite an intense warm up really… we were split into pairs, one would do one lap of freestyle for height and one lap of egg beater with arms out of the water whilst the other person did tuck and turns till the other came back… we did that for 10 minutes… then it was into passing drills focussing on on the t-out.  Then it was onto shots on goal, one group worked on a drive down from two to one and then pass the ball back to 4 for a hard tempo shot on goal.  The other group focussed on swimming into goal and then T’ing out before a hard finish… when Coach Christi mentions a hard finish, this image always pops in my head…*click on the .gif if it doesn’t load*


It was then into 15 minutes of scrimmage which all in all was of quite a high standard… look out world!! 😀

With Pride at our doorstep I wanted to reflect on what Pride means to me.  I’ve never been one who was particularly political about homosexual things especially not when I came out.  The journey of coming out and coming into yourself is a pretty amazing one.  I remember not exactly being proud of who I was when I first came out, wishing I was more straight, wishing I didn’t have a HighPAL (High Pitched Asian Laugh)… in fact I remember my brother telling me when we were younger that I needed to get a new laugh because mine was too girly! *open mouthed shocked face whilst clutching imaginary pearl necklace*… but as time went on I learnt to accept and embrace who I was… Yes, I have an uncontrollable laugh 20x louder than any self respecting geisha should have, and yes you may be able to tell that I’m gay JUST FROM THE WAY I WALK, but lets be honest, you don’t win Ms Dupont without having a fierce gait and YES, I will always have a more fabulous body than your straight boyfriend but thats because I don’t drink beer, eat pizza, watch straight porn and waste my money on stupid poker nights!…

The other thing that I’m proud of which I have learnt mainly in the last 2.5 years is the importance of community.  When I moved to London, I didn’t know any gay people in fact I kind of shunned the gays, not wanting to be ‘a gay’… if it wasn’t for my gay water polo mothers, London Orca and the whole club at Out to Swim, there’s no way I’d be as happy, confident and content with myself as I am today.  Belonging to a group of people who share the same values and interests who can laugh, share their worries, celebrate, socialise and provide support for each other is a wonderful thing and should not be underestimated by anyone.


I’ve marched in two Pride parades in London and I’ve never been prouder to be associated with my gay water polo/swimming club.  People are out supporting, cheering, high five-ing (lets be honest, everyone loves a good high 5), taking photos and just enjoying the utter ‘gayness’ of the event! What other community has an ethically polygamous group which marches in a parade?… When else can you walk down Oxford street and Picadilly Circus in your underwear and feel 100% comfortable in your own skin?



The Toronto Triggerfish will be marching in the parade for the first time I think ever, and I can only hope that the club supports each other as much as my club back in London does.  Its not a competition about who has less body fat percentage or who has the most number of abs, Pride isn’t ALL about body and looks… it’s meant to be about being proud of who you are and the journey you’ve taken to get to the point where you are today and to be excited about the person you will become in the future. Its about coming together as a community and being proud of who we are and showing it, THE TORONTO TRIGGERFISH (reportedly the world’s largest LGBT water polo squad)! I’m hoping we get a great turn out on Sunday for the parade, people in their club trunks ready to WERQ the streets of Toronto!… I’m gonna end by quoting and posting a very famous lady… ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud?’

Happy Pride everyone!! 😀




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