Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 28/7/13

After a sh*tty Saturday weather wise it was nice that the Toronto Weather Gods decided to turn up the sunshine and heat.  I was determined to get one more bout of, what can only be described as ‘Tan-cer’ (tanning+cancer) before we leave for WOGA on Friday.  I headed to the Riverdale Park Pool for the afternoon and laid there in my ‘briefettes’ soaking in every bit of vitamin D.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t exactly stinking hot but a few other gays had the same idea.  Unfortunately the gay next got stung by a wasp who flew up his shorts…

With three hours of tanning under my belt and my skin now looking a delightful 3 shades darker (almost natural Tatum and Charles colour) it was time to hit the pool for our 3rd last training before leaving for WOGA.

Coach Christi was on hand to put us through our paces.  The Triggerfish have just received a shipment of new balls! No more bald slippery old balls for us to play with… these new ones are bright, grippy and don’t slip out of your hands (as much… i still struggle).  With only 15 competitive triggers turning up it was always going to be a pretty intense session.  Some laps to warm up and then it was straight into working on laying out whilst being under pressure and then into some protective ball work with spinning!… I can’t seem to master the spin, i blame my short asian arms… either that or someone’s larger that size 30 waist… now whoooo was i practicing with?? *raised eyebrow* 😛

Coach Christi then split us up with one end of the pool using mini pink balls taking shots to really challenge the goalies whilst the other end worked on losing the front and calling a 2/3 or 3/4 drop. Then it was into 25 minutes of scrimmage with only one sub for both sides…

Plenty of fire and gusto in the water during scrimmage… look out other teams! The Triggerfish are ready to eat you up… and spit you out!!… and then eat you up again…


cause I think that’s what fish do, like when they eat poop they kinda chew a bit and spit it out and then eat it again.  Or is that because they forgot that it was poop… anyway!

2 more practices and then its off to Europa!

Thank you also to Goddammit Fish for compiling this years soundtrack can’t wait to see what treasures will come out of this!







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