Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 6/9/13

Season 2013/2014 kicked off tonight at U of T. Having had a spring clean the facilities of U of T were ready for the Triggerfish to kick off their new season.  As Michael pointed out ‘I love how they’ve given the showers a ‘fresh’ coat of paint’. Funny, I didn’t really realise until he mentioned it, yes, they did give it a new coat but its funny how ‘U of T white’ looked more of a mother of pearl colour in my eyes…

Coach Christi and Coach Lawrence were ready early on pool deck, training didn’t start till 9 but they were already waiting in the bleachers at 8:30.  Wait, training started at 9? Yes, Jake… 9! Not 9:27 😛 I turned up to the pool to see the future of water polo in one end and in the other a good 30-40 young girls trying out for synchro… ‘They told me try outs were at 9!!’ I exclaimed, Coach Lawrence consoled me and reminded me ‘they have nothing on your extension…s’. I nodded and headed to the change rooms to get changed.

10 competitive triggerfish decided it was time to wet their gills and it was definitely a bit of a shock to the system.  Coach Christi decided to go with a self directed warm up to kick off the season.  Each attendee got to choose a lap of swimming and ball drill before we split into pairs for some ball skills.  It was definitely apparent that the 3 weeks of rest took its toll on our fitness but none the less 25 minutes of short pool scrimmage with the recreational triggers made sure that we were on our way to rebuilding it.

Tomorrow night is the AGM for the Triggerfish, a night to definitely pen in your calendars.  The night is always themed, last year the theme of ‘anything but clothes’ was definitely a hit and this year’s theme of ‘DRAMA… dress as your favourite celebrity’ is bound to bring out some eye catching, head turning costumes.  Rumour has it Miley Cyrus is going to make an appearance after her recent VMA’s Twerking Incident.  Though she will have to upstage this recent Twerk Tragedy

or perhaps turn it out as good as this young lad

In other news a very big CONGRATU-RATIONS (thats how my people pronounce it) must go to Carl… or should we say future Dr Carl who scored in the 95th percentile in his MCAT which in my books is an Asian pass and the equivalent of a white person’s f*cking NAILING it!!  Congraturations Carl you are now on your way to looking like this in 40 years



See you all tomorrow night when the new executive will be crowned heres to hoping for MAXIMUM DRAAAAAAMA!!







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