Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 8/9/13

So the Triggerfish AGM was last night. A night in the Triggerfish calendar for the out going president to recap the year that was and for the incoming president to present his vision for the coming year.  Sean ‘Liza (with a ‘z’) Manelli’ gave a very exciting presentation on what to expect this coming season but lets be honest, the main focus was on the Triggerfish naming ceremony.  Names like Hello Kitty Fish, Lazy Fish, Hell’s Angel Fish, Swallower Fish were all bestowed on the new Triggerfish who joined this year but I don’t think anyone was more excited that Jerry, the fish formerly known as ‘Smegma Fish’ who was reborn and renamed as he always wanted to be known as ‘Tequila Fish’.  I’m not complaining being known as ‘Invasive Species’.  Good luck to the new Executive who were announced last night and a big thank you to the outgoing executive for all their hard work.  You all did a fantastic job and you most likely didn’t get thanked enough but



Today’s house league was the first for this season and it was always going to be a big call to turn up to training after the night that was.  A big welcome back to Chris… and his abs (errr, don’t judge you were ALL thinking it)… Abs FOR DAYS!



ummm… yeah so, sorry distracted… 3 teams of 9 meant that there was a lot of swimming and polo for everyone who attended.  Great to see so many guppies building upon all the experience, confidence and skills they learnt in Antwerp and applying it to House League.  Triggers like Alex, Lyle, Luke and Sean are definitely not to be left alone. 2 games of 7 minute quarters on a Sunday afternoon left several people wiped out!







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