Tronno Triggerfish 13/9/13

FRIDAY THE 13TH!!… unlucky for some, an average day for others… I only say that cause the lady who’s training with me at work turned up looking like hell…
‘Debbie what’s wrong?’
‘Erghs! I’m having the worst day already’
‘Why? what… YEEEEEESH!’
*Debbie shows me her foot*

*thinking* ‘it’s a blister… a BIG blister, watery, pussey, its BLACK! and her whole foot is swollen and red’…
‘well, that doesn’t… look… good’…
‘i think my flip-flops caused it, maybe a grain of sand got in and it got infected, it just blew up over night’…
consequently she ended up going to the emergency department for the whole day… Good one Debbie, an ‘infected blister’ to get off work.

Anyone the first of many late night water polo trainings down at U of T tonight! The Varisity boys were in full swing before us, as try outs were taking place… Walking in I found Coach Lawrence and Nurse Jake oogling at the topless coach and were this close to doing this OVER the balcony…


There were 10 competetive Triggers in the water and several MORE Rec Triggs with Coach Lawrence. Coach Christi turned up and it was straight into some conditioning work.  4 laps, 2 with the ball and 2 without 3 times through with 15s rest and then it was time for… HELL IN THE CELL



3 DRY passes gives you a point, but the area you have to scrimmage in is probably no bigger than 5m x 7m.  Plenty of practice for ‘V’ cutting and trying to get free.

We then moved to passing drills which is where Coach Christi’s Friday the 13th Bad Luck Ball came… Coach Christi told us to practice our long shots… I gave myself a challenge and told Michael to be at Lane 1 whilst I swam to Lane 7… Lets just say the rebounding ball from pool deck into Coach Chisti’s face was not her favourite moment of the evening…



Not enough people for scrimmage so shooting drills it was.  11pm rocked around the clock and it was time to hit the showers.. See you all on Sunday its late already!!




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