Tronno Triggerfish 15/9/13

This weather needs to sort itself out!… Up, down, left, right the temperature is just all over the place.  Sunday’s training saw the return of some familiar faces.  Welcome back Rick, Craig, Daniel Girlando aaaaaaaaand anyone else whose first training it was but I unfortunately forgot :(… A 1.5 hour training was sure to test the fitness of some of the triggerfish.

Coach Christi was back on pool deck to whip everyone into shape. It seems like Coach Christi’s ‘THANG’ right now is Hell in the Cell, a drill to help improve getting open whilst being pressed in a short space. I personally don’t really like it


Our new skill that we’re working on is the twist and shoot, very similar to the twist and shout, but not as catchy perhaps.  After some shots on net it was onto short pool scrimmage… A pretty uneventful training really, apart from more balls flying at Coach Christi, Greg’s ass breaching (looked like a whale’s blow hole).. I was looking for a funny .gif of a whale’s blow hole but this is way funnier


Unfortunately Michael came at the end of training thinking it started at 7:30… he didn’t look very happy, I asked him?


After 1.5 hours it was time for the showers, people went off into the night, some to the village others for , did you say Korean food?? 😀 😀 😀





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