Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 29/9/13

This weekend was super exciting for Michael and I… we’re welcoming a new member of our household (The House of the Rising Wangs) into our basement… he started dropping his stuff off today, that person is none other than Rob… We’ve decided that we’re pretty much like the Golden Girls.

– Michael is Sophia, the house mother (he also owns the actual house and is our landlord)
– Vinny (the cat), is Dorothy, some what dry humoured, comes out with some fabulous one liners and really is the rock of the house, also very good at giving ‘that look’
– I, am Rose, to quote Rob ‘Ming (the most foreign of the gals, often regaling us with tales from their childhood in St Olaf/Perth – the other girls only pretend to understand the odd customs, also Rose-Ming are both in a stable long-term relationship’
– Rob, Blanche the single sl*t…

Sunday polo training was at 7:30-9… *groan*… what an effort… Despite that, I trundled my lil gaysian ass to U of T … a great turn out of 18 competitive Triggers.  It was nice to see a familiar face back in goal, Charles Pavia rocking an ethnic do! He’s growin out his currrrrls gurrrrl… sooner or later he’ll be rocking a do like Ms O herself


Off into the water and a pretty tough partner warm up focussing on passing, body position and blocking. A few drills with blockers on goal and then it was into scrimmage. 35 minutes no resting, 1-2 subs on each team.  Burgundy vs light blue (it was a combination of white and navy blue, so that makes light blue in my head)

There were moment of


from Coach Christi…

But also moments of

oprah-sing-names oprah-free-caralas no one got a car 😦

Overall a great training session by all!…

Triggerfish Autumn Intake is happening next Sunday so tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS!…  Please note the following: (this set of dot points have been observations from previous intakes)
– you kinda have to be able to swim
– this sport does not involve inflatables
– wearing a white lacey neglige is not considered appropriate swimming attire
– if you can’t type on a laptop because your nails are too long (or fake) you need to cut them
– it is a hard sport but persevere because it is worth it
– no one expects you to be a superstar as soon as you jump in the water we all started exactly where you are today
– be friendly
– be open and that’s open in every sense of the word, you read that however you want to
– always wear thongs in the shower
– finally, have fun! 😀

See you all next week 🙂



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