Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 4/10/13

The last Friday night training before the new groups are announced and an extra training session is added to the Triggerfish training schedule. For those eager beavers (not have an eager beaver *shudder*) who got to training early they were treated to some true ‘champagne water polo’ between Toronto Varsity and some American team. Though the real show was what was happening on pool deck.  Jake claims he saw some ‘tip’ and also came to the conclusion that fitted black t-shirt + acid wash jeans + big bulge = GAAAAAAY!



10pm clocked around and it was time for us to jump in… 15 competitive triggers made the decision to better themselves tonight.  A few laps to warm up and then into partner work to focus on movement and passing. Coach Christi decided that tonight we would focus on breaking a heavy press.  These things always involve a lot of brain power, and 10pm on a Friday night is probably not when everyone is firing on all cylinders… In my head all i kept thinking of was this clip from Will and Grace

Coach Christi reckons it was all coming together, slowly but surely… apparently water polo is a relaxing kind of sport *cough* well, its meant to be… anyway 11 o’clock clicked around it was time to get out…

This sunday is new intake, a great time to think about where you started from as you gaze across at the new players that are just starting their water polo journey.  But lets be honest everyone is hoping that, THAT elusive hottie is gonna turn up wanting to play polo in which case choose your reaction…












Happy weekend everyone!




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