Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 6/10/13

Sunday House League!!!… annnnnd also new Triggerfish Intake for Fall… an amazing turn out, I counted, and confirmed with Coach Lawrence that there were 32 new eager Guppies wanting to get their feet wet and discover the magical world of Gay Water Polo!!!… Everyone on pool deck was putting their best foot forward, I over heard in the changerooms that some Triggerfish hadn’t eaten for days and were on an all liquid diet… if its a liquid it has no calories right?… Others had taken the effort to manscape appropriately and with every new person that walked out of the change rooms there was either a glance out of the corner of peoples’ eyes or a noticeable head turn…



I joke I joke… hahahaha *serious face*…



Was it just me or did people seem more into their warm ups today then any other house league… Alex seemed to take stretching VERY seriously, WHEN DO YOU EVER STRETCH LIKE THAT ALEX?!?!


Like I mean…



After Team 2 were finished winning both their games, Jerry, Joel and Greg decided to do MORE passing drills in the laned off area… when do you guys ever do EXTRA drills after 2 matches at house league huh?? mmmhmm?



My general observation was that people seemed to sissy their walks more than usual on pool deck… In my head this is how I looked walking on pool deck…



Unfortunately Olivier got caught in the ball net behind goals, leaving him looking more like this…


Despite all of this, I think it just shows how much we triggerfish care about making a good first impression… if we didn’t then that would be pretty sad.

One of the most exciting prospects about new player intake was the number of women that showed up… yay karen and jack


Rumour has it that we might even have enough to field a team SOLELY of women for competitions now, that is, IF they come back! So please please please come back women!… There’s a lot to be said about having women on a male dominated team it rebalances the hormone levels which is a good thing!… I’m going to start a push for the womens’ team to maybe be called the Toronto Barracooters


what??… what?? too much?? inappropriate? *sigh*…


Remember new training schedule starts THIS WEEK!!





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