Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 17/10/13

OMG! So this was the second time that the new ‘Advanced’ group practiced at Ryerson since the new groups were made. It was my first time at the Ryerson pool and I was scared that I would miss the familiarity of U of T… the truth is Ryerson delivered much more than I could’ve asked for… If I missed the smell of stale urine of the U of T toilets I did not have to worry, Ryerson had PLENTY if not a more pungent aroma that really hits you in the back of the throat… those musty notes singing right in there! If I missed the showers that made me feel dirtier than when I first jumped in I need not worry, Ryerson’s showers had a somewhat Arabic ball sack odour. If I had caught tinea 3 out of the 10 times I went to U of T I need not worry, I’m pretty sure I have got it now, after one visit.  Despite that Ryerson has a pool and 2 goals, and that’s all you really need to play water polo isn’t it?

BIG NEWS THOUGH!! The Tronno Triggerfish MAY have been blessed with a new recruit for the Barra-cooters… And guess what, HER NAME IS KATE!…

Ok, so for people who don’t know I’m gonna give you a quick run down about why this is so exciting! My gay water polo birth mother team; London Orca have a female player who is called Kate Sabot (who we love)… Kate Sabot (who we love) is the epitome of all things wonderful, she exudes grace, style and class… sometimes, all at once!… in fact to illustrate just how wonderful Kate Sabot (who we love is) at IGLA 2012 the Triggerfish threw their renound Underwear Party.  Kate Sabot was cursing the day ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR, I was not prepared for this’ she exclaimed, 5 minutes later she came out in a Jennifer Lopez-navel-plunging-crotch-high-purple-romper and shouted ‘REEEAAADDDYYY’… Oh Kate Sabot (who we love)…on top of that she can play polo aaaaaaaand is straight.  If you ever train or play with London Orca, you can not HELP but fall in love with Kate Sabot (who we love). Anyway THIS Kate who came to Triggerfish practice definitely made an impression with her wild bleached blonde hair (which I love, natural blondes like us stick together right Coach Christi *wink wink*) and friendly demeanour.  She took to the murky waters of Ryerson like a Barra-cooter to water! Throughout the hour long training she spun, glided, backhanded, elevated and scored her way to the sound of oohs and aahs of the Triggerfish.  Lets hope she stays! We’re slowly accruing a skilled set of FEMBOTS! Led by none other than the original FEMBOT Claire!!! 😀

Anyhoo, in other news I’ve noticed that there seems to be a trend occurring in the world of Gay Sports. GAY SPORT CALENDARS FOR 2014!! The Belgium gay water polo team known as BGS aka MannekenFish have released a calendar… WHAT you say? a calendar of their club members??? This video says it all… hot! steamy! wet! strategically placed suds!!!!!… YAY WATER POLO!

And JUST as you reached for that tissue box and bottle of lube here are the Kings Cross Steelers, London’s gay rugby team… Balls strategically placed OVER balls to the soundtrack of Salt’n’Pepa’s ‘Whatta Man’ !!! WHO COMES UP WITH THIS?!?!?! 2 words… PURE… GENIUS 😀

Tronno Triggerfish… do we have anything to say??…

*OMSF*… game on!!!


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