Tronno Triggerfish 20/10/13


Coach Christi is now officially a taken woman.  That sound you hear is the sound of many mens and womens hearts breaking around the world! particularly one in Amsterdam 😛

Rumour has that it involved a bagel and an ‘I do’ (to both bagel and the proposal)… Coach Lawrence shared the news by getting everyone over to Chalk Talk to inform us of a ‘new water polo rule’ on the FINA website… rule 20.18 he wrote ‘remove all jew…’ Adam squealed and ran before he could see what the rest said… ‘remove all jewellery’… which was a segue to him showing us all Coach Christi’s left hand!!

When I was living in Australia a friend of mine got engaged during my uni days and a Japanese student in our year wrote on the message board ‘Congraturations!!’… someone replied saying ‘Akiko, do you know you spelt it incorrectly??’ she replied nonchalantly ‘well that’s how I pronounce it’… sooooooo



In other news:

– Thank you Fadi (new social club coordinator) for organising a successful Triggerfish Brunch… snaps for you! 😀
– The newbies played their first house league tonight and they all did amazingly well!! Just remember, it gets better so keep coming and stick at it! 😀
– annnnnd did I mention that Coach Christi is engaged???

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 23.26.39


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