Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 24/10/13

It is officially NOT Summer… how do I know this you ask? Simple… I can no longer wear shorts… comfortably… well, to be honest, none of my clothes are actually comfortable… I guess its what happens when you’re not TRULY a size 0 or a small but you manage to squeeze yourself into whatever article of clothing it is… Autumn is definitely here and Winter seems to be just around the corner… maybe thats the reason for only 11 competitive Triggerfish gracing the murky waters of Ryerson…

Coach Christi was on pool deck, unfortunately not feeling 100%. She’s been fighting off a cold all week and is just getting her voice back, it’s somewhat wispy but still very authoritative. Great to see Kate (Barra-cooter) back this week, usually its a good sign when someone new comes back two weeks in a row. This was Greg’s first introduction to Kate and he definitely noticed one thing… she has actual boobs… no no I lie, she can play water polo!!!

‘It’s like you can throw a ball anywhere at her and it ALWAYS goes in’

teeheehee *giggle giggle*… distant weeping of an inadequate bottom crying in the corner…

Plenty of great one on one feedback given to the 11 that showed up! I feel like my game has improved a quadrillion percent, which brings me to my next point!… WHERE IS EVERYONE?!?! yes yes, I hear you say ‘I have a life, unlike you Ming’ or ’10pm is so late I have ‘things’ to do’… and do you know what I say to that??  ‘Well, you paid your fees why not get the most out of it??’… I know I know, some people are taking a well deserved break and will be back in the new year *makes blabby hand gesture*
… TRUE! That is TRUE! I know that is the case for some people BUT why procrastinate? why not keep up your fitness and your hot summer bod which you worked so hard for and which water polo was a main contributor to helping you look the way you do/did/don’t anymore cause you stopped coming to practice…  It’s just food for thought… which reminds me, my instant noodles are boiling!… gotta go!




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