Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 31/10/13

Happy Halloween everyone… I’m guessing if you weren’t at training you were most likely eating your fill of lollies and chocolates!!

Seemed like the weather did not deter young ones from Trick or Treating, Rob and I had to pretend there was no one home because we ran out of candy to hand out which was probably a pretty sorry sight of 2 grown gay men watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 2 in the dark… and to the children who we did hand candy out to, they were most ungrateful saying thank you to Vinny the Cat rather than thank you to us. US, who actually gave them the candy!!… 

Anyway 7 competitive Trigs decided to put their best foot forward and attend training at the Ryerson Dungeon which was taken tonight by Coach Lawrence. Jake, Adam, Steven, Rob, Paddy, Charles and myself were put through our paces and enjoyed a delightful session with Coach Lawrence… we even got to play quote ‘THE BEST EVER GAME OF DONKEY IN TRIGGERFISH HERSTORY!!!!’…

I leave you with this picture, which is what you missed out on…



DONKEY!… NOT bestiality…



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