Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 7/11/13

If there was anything that we learnt from tonight’s training it was that… it was that… it…was… Ok basically everything that we learnt tonight went out the window as soon as we hit the showers…

GUYS! there was THE HOTTEST GUY IN THE SHOWER!!!… He was about 6ft2, dark, bit middle eastern looking but mixed, toned, smooth, muscled, hot bubble butt, SOOOOOOO QUICHE!!!! Comments heard in the shower were

as soon as anyone walked in ‘I know right?’
‘I think I’ve got a semi’
‘I’m not sharing’
‘It’s fair game for all’
‘turn around, turn around’

We all then moved to the changeroom and like school girls continued the conversation
‘Oh my god!’
‘You guys!’

And then… he turned around
*OMSF* (open mouth shocked face)
‘It’s huge’
‘It’s like a 2 hand job’
‘It had a good lilt to it’
‘His ‘clop’ (cock flop) factor was a 10!!’
‘I was skeptical before when you guys were talking about it but now I see’
‘I was blind but now I see’ *starts humming Amazing Grace*
‘It’s like a never ending rope’
‘Or a Chinese finger trap’
‘I want it all’
‘I don’t remember anything from tonight’s practice’
‘Guys, he’s probably like 18!…and whats the problem?’


Ryerson, your facilities maybe disgustingly dirty but at least the talent is A-grade!!!!

Oh we also played some water polo tonight!…

Hope to see you again super quiche Ryerson guy!


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