Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 10/11/13

Sunday night training at U of T was well attended by all groups.  Considering that the previous night was host to Jasun’s Dirty 30 it was good to see all hands on deck.   It was definitely a night to remember, or for others such as myself a night of forgetfulness… 

‘So Ming, did you end up going to Business Woman’s Special?’
‘You said you were going to Business Woman’s Special’
‘Yup you were telling everyone…’
‘Errrr, I didn’t even know it was on!?’

I blame the lack of appropriate drinking vessels available which led to me drinking an entire bottle of red wine by myself straight from the bottle, CLASSY!… This was post cheese and wine night at Adam’s where I probably downed a bottle of wine over the course of the couple of hours and also enjoyed some of Olivier’s delicious ‘adult juice’… it was not juice… *sigh*… I can generally tell how drunk I am based on the number of ‘I Love YOUUUUUUU’ conversations I have with people and from the sounds of it, I had a few… along with a bitch-slap off… SUCCESS!!

Anyway, Coach Christi OBVIOUSLY was looking for a memorable practice tonight, memorable enough at least for me to write about it as opposed to the size of a random student’s shlong! (So can’t wait for Thursday… humans are creatures of habit THEREFORE we must keep our late night Ryerson practice in the hope of seeing Hung Student again)…

Tonight’s session was tough!… in fact I would say it was probably one of the toughest with a very solid conditioning set to start off with involving partner work, weighted balls and 1 on 1 leg-offs!… erghs!!! DYING!! and then we still had scrimmage!… None the less, a training session worth attending and now we’re all better off for it.

Congratulations to Andrea, he is now the proud owner of a baby girl… Lil Inés Ditadi!!! HAZAH! The Triggerfish send our well wishes to you and your family Andrea 😀




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