Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 14/11/13

HE CAME BACK!!!!! Guys, the Ryerson Student now known as Big Richard/(Dick) came back!!! Humans truly are creatures of habit… Same time and same locker!!! Just like Michael, walked in, same time and SAME locker… rrriiiiiight next to Big Richard! quelle SUPRRISE!!

Anyway Coach Christi was on pool deck ready to put us through our paces and actually get a mention in tonight’s training blog… I’m just going to say now Coach Christi, I ACTUALLY got to see it tonight and you’re up against VERY STIFF competition! None the less I will give you some blog time! Coach Christi was running through how to check your hole effectively… wait, how to… CHECK hole, not YOUR hole. We went through some drills which were geared towards fronting! You know when your face is right in your hole’s face and you’ve got your hips high, butt up!… I can’t, I can’t… FOCUS!… Coach Christi went through the various movements and strokes in order to negotiate your hole… ‘Long strokes’ she said ‘are sometimes useful if your hole isn’t too grabby’… we all nodded… ‘short! quick! strokes for when he is all over you and grabbing you’… again we all nodded… … … … … … that is all… I’m done…

Ok! So Big Richard was in the showers before any of us had finished and he took his SWEET ASS time soaping up, cleaning himself, totally peacocking!! Could Big Richard BE a GHEY?!?!?!… He’s also a bit of a rebel. He didn’t pay attention to the Ryerson Worker who told us all to get out of the shower, he just continued soaping… EVERYONE was in awe… and the conversations in the change room flowed.

‘I’m so happy I ACTUALLY got to see it this week’
‘I feel like we need to be more inclusive… perhaps we should all start soaping each other up and ask if he wants to join in?’
‘I was skeptical before, you know everyone says ‘OMG he has a big cock! OMG his dick is HUGE’… His cock is ACTUALLY huge! and so beautiful, like ALL ROUND beautiful… you know what? I would even put him on a Tumblr!!!! THAT’S how hot he is!’
‘I wonder what he’s like hard?’
‘I hope its not that much bigger!’ (obviously from a bottom)
‘I HOPE it is!’… ‘and what do you even think you’re gonna do with it if it was a grower? Take photos of it and put different filters on it, post it on Instagram?’ *pfffff*
‘Did anyone get to see if he has nice balls?’
‘He really does have an AMAZING lilt!’
‘Big Richard is communal property, no one OWNS or GETS TO OWN Big Richard!’
‘It’s like we’re in a museum… you can look but don’t touch!’
‘Tits out for the boys! Tits out for the boys!’

Oh Big Richard… if only you knew how happy you make all of us!

I wonder if Thursday trainings are now going to be better attended?? Oh and in final news Kate was also back! 😀 yippee!!



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