Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 22/11/13

Another Thursday night meant another Advanced Practice session at Ryerson.  The pool deck was abuzz with folk… Lovely to see Frank back in the water after his hiatus to the Melbourne Surge. Thank you Melbourne for returning him. Very happy to have you back Frank and we hope you didn’t catch anything from the water tonight.  Also back was Brutality Fish Brandon, glad you managed to find the pool… eventually and Big Richard… Amodeo…(more to come about the real deal Big Richard)

Coach Christi was focussed on the hole AGAIN this week, this time rehashing the spinning technique.  I have not quite mastered this technique nor do I think I ever will but I still persist.  I feel sorry for Rob who was my partner. He kept slipping off me as earlier that night I had gone for a tan (I’m not heading back to Australia pastey and pale!) and I hadn’t washed off the accelerator.  I know I know I should go for tans etc etc but let’s be honest, we’re all gonna die eventually, at least I’ll die bronzed and beautiful… ok fine… bronzed…

Anyway we finished off the night with 20 minutes of 5 on 5 scrimmage and hit the showers… there were no squeals of excitement… alas… Big Richard was a no show… all that was left in remembrance of him was his showering stool, the stool he would use to cock one leg up and soap it down… there were some disappointed Triggerfish… especially the ones who were yet to have their first sighting…

Big Richard, if you can hear us… all we want to say is… we miss you (and love you)… and you’re invited to our Christmas party!…

Advanced Triggerfish



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