Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 24/11/13

A sub zero Wintery Sunday was always going to be a struggle for people to come to training.  That and a considerable number of parties were on Saturday so I’m sure a few people were nursing hang overs that being said 15 Advanced Triggerfish put their bodies first and turned up to training.  It was also Women’s practice and a group of 8 women plunged into the waters of U of T.

Coach Christi was on deck, unfortunately voiceless… again. Hope she gets it back soon, without it the Competitive-Advanced group were a little lost. Coach Christi decided to use several of us for her ventriloquist act. A good half hour of conditioning was tough before we moved into a shooting drill and then 25 minutes of scrimmage with only 1 or 2 subs on each team.

A pretty challenging standard 1.5 hours. What I’m more excited about is Demi Lovato’s new song NeonLights!… she sports some very *heart* day-glo make up… If you have not heard it yet OR seen it please enjoy below!

That and this butter dance to Adele it really gets going at 1:10…





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