Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 28/11/13

A combined effort today for a late training session at Ryerson.  Due to the OUA Championships happening at U of T this Friday and Sunday the Competitive group joined forces with Advanced to have a solid training session.  Coach Christi and Coach Lawrence were on hand to muster the troops and it was straight into 15 minutes of non stop ball conditioning.  Great to have Sean, Lyle, Arthur, Luke, Hassan, (and anyone else I missed out apologies) join us  because they decided to put their mind and bodies first instead of deciding to stay home under a warm blanket and watch Sex in the City reruns, the one where Samantha shaves a lightning bolt into her muff… oh great times…

Coach Christi was on deck to start us off on 15 minutes of ball conditioning which then turned into partner work where the Advanced players got to play ‘coach’ and teach the Competitive players how to spin in the hole. A great way to consolidate if you truly knew what Coach Christi had been trying to teach us for the past season.  It was then into 20 minutes of solid 5 on 5 scrimmage playing a tight press defence to work on ball side drives, spinning and break aways.

Happy Hanukkah to any Jews  and happy Thanksgiving to any Pilgrims in the Triggerfish!


House League this Sunday! 🙂



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