10 times judges have lost it on TV

Celebrity judges may be mentors but sometimes they just can’t keep it together

Sometimes judges just can’t get their sh*t together

go home Paula you’re drunk

Other times they just mad

why you mad

like when Natalia Kills (New Zealand X-Factor) thought she saw double

But not the same way as Paula probably did

Sometimes they have just had it… OFFICIALLY

Like when mama Ru ripped every queen a new one

rpdrs07e03 rpdrs07e03ii rpdrs07e03iii

But honestly we all live for when they lose their sh*t… and no one loses it better than Naomi Campbell

like that time when she didn’t like the shade of Coco Rocha’s lipstick
2nv5hcgNot a fan of radioactive grape I guess…

or when everyone was talking over her

naomi- one person speaks at a time

or when a fellow judge thought she was on her level

sometimes she can be just plain crazy

NaomiGIF2but regardless, she always werks..it..out even when she’s storming on

naomi storm on

or storming off

naomi- storm off

and it’s always embarrassing for you, the person left behind…

naomi- that is so rude

naomi- as naomi

naomi- apologise naomi- nicole 1

naomi- how do i get out of here

And really you’re the one that should be embarrassed

naomi- embarassed

naomi- look stupidBut the queen of crazy is none other than Ty Ty Banks

so you were rooting for Tiffany you say?


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